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  • Upcoming release!
  • Extension will use PyXPCOM

Well it's been over a month since my last update, which was talking about a possible alpha release soon. I have to admit that although we made a lot of progress the week of the April 17th, I probably jumped the gun a bit on a release. We have a buggy early version that requires PyXPCOM currently. I'm still looking into bundling it into a xpi installer with PyXPCOM but for now I have uploaded our current source code to cvs. Feel free to play around with it however you like. There are many areas that I would have liked to clean up and optimize the code better but I've been busier than expected after school ended. Feel free to post on the mailing list as I still try to respond to everyone on there.

Also, There are a few extra folders on the cvs repo. I'm still a bit new to CVS, so I accidently created the components, chrome, and python folders in the root of our firestorm module. They're empty but I can't get rid of them. The actual source code is in src. If anyone knows how to get rid of those folders, feel free to e-mail more and/or the mailing list. Thanks!

We have made some amazing progress over the last couple of weeks. I admit it took us much longer than expected to get used to the environment and start to feel comfortable coding in it, but I believe we hit that point a few weeks ago and since then we have been flying! I have added another screenshot that shows the popup menu when you right click on a .torrent link in Firefox. This is the easiest way to open torrents in FireStorm at the moment. In the future we'd like to make it just a regular left click, but as far as our senior project goes, time is short. We hope to be done coding on our first alpha release by this Thursday, April 19th. At that point we begin writing a large report on this project and we start to clean up the development so we can toss it up here on CVS. Once school is done I know I would like to continue work on this extension, and so would one of the other developers. Feel free to contact us on our mailing list for any questions or comments.

I hope to post something to CVS within the next couple of weeks! We'll make a new annoucement here and if people sign up on our mailing list, I will also post there.

Development is now underway!! The last few months have been spent planning the extension out and doing some research. We have decided to use PyXPCOM for XPCOM development in Python. The reason? We should be able to easily reuse the source code from Bram Cohen's Official BitTorrent Client. This should help speed development as we only have to initially worry about integration with Firefox before we start adding enchancements and new features. Stay tuned because a lot of exciting stuff is happening!

FireStorm will be a BitTorrent client for Firefox. It is currently going through planning stages as it is actually a Senior Software Engineering project at Penn State. Actual development will begin between mid December and mid January. Ideally this project will see a release around late April of 2007.

As we work on various documents (Use cases, Requirements Specifications, etc.) we'll put them up for everyone to observe. The mailing list will be open to any suggestions or comments.

The firestorm project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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